Rosalyn Cooperman

Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Mary Washington


Rosalyn Cooperman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Mary Washington where she teaches courses in American politics including Women in Politics, Congress, and American Public Policy.  Professor Cooperman's research focuses on the relationship between political elites, parties, and, women candidates.  In 2006 Professor Cooperman served as a principal investigator for the 2004 Convention Delegate Study.  Her current book project examines the role that women's political action committees play in the recruitment and support of women congressional candidates.  Professor Cooperman's research has been published in the American Political Science Review, Congress Reconsidered, and, Women and Politics. 

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Thank you, sponsors!

We are so pleased to announce the following sponsors for our October conference!

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ISPP Small Grant Award

We are pleased that the International Society for Political Psychology has awarded "Mentoring Conferences for New Research on Gender in Political Psychology" one of their Small Grants to further the goals of ISPP.

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Monica Schneider and Angie Bos

Monica is an Asst. Professor at Miami University (Ohio) and Angie is an Asst. Professor at the College of Wooster. They have been friends and collaborators since they first met at the University of Minnesota where they both completed the interdisciplinary Ph.D. minor in political psychology and focused their dissertation research on gender and political psychology.

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