Conference Papers

All papers to be presented at the conference are available below:

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Research Panel 1: Women as participants

      Discussion Leader: Kathleen Dolan

Erin Cassese - “Opportunity Structure and Sex Differences in the Contribution of Genes and Environments to Political Trust among Young Adults (reviewers Deborah Brooks &  Kathleen Dolan)

Celeste Lay -“The Seat of Tradition?: Gender Gaps in Political Knowledge in Rural America” (reviewers Virginia Sapiro & Jill Greenlee)

Lauren Duncan - The Psychology of Collective Action (reviewers Susan Hansen & Rachel Calogero)


Research Panel 2: Women in Intergroup Contexts

      Discussion Leader: Rose McDermott

Christopher Larimer and Rebecca Hannagan -“Assessing Gender Dynamics in Local Government: Results from a Statewide Field Experiment” (reviewers Kjersten Nelson & Zoe Oxley)

Corrine McConnaughy - “Racial Politics Complicated:The Work of Gendered Race Cues in American Politics” (reviewers Rose McDermott & Mary-Kate Lizotte)

Christina Bejarano -“Unpacking the Gender Gap for Latinos: Analysis of Latino Immigrant Generations” (reviewers Abigail Stewart & Sarah Fulton)


Research Panel 3: Perceptions of Women Candidates

       Discussion Leader: Alice Eagly

Deborah Brooks - “He Runs, She Runs: Gender Stereotypes, Double Standards, and Political Campaigns(Sarah Gershon & Richard Matland)

Monica Schneider & Angie Bos -“The Intersection of Party and Gender Stereotypes in Evaluating Political Candidates” (reviewers Alice Eagly & Heather Ondercin)

Kristin Kanthak & Susan Hansen -“Candidate Traits, Gender Roles, and the 2008 Vote” (reviewers Leonie Huddy & Brian Frederick)


Research Panel 4: Women and Campaigns

    Discussion leader: Richard Matland

Zoe Oxley - “Media Coverage of Women Candidates: Belief Stereotypes and Novelty (reviewers Rosalyn Cooperman & Grace Deason)

Sarah Fulton -“What Underlies the Gendered Quality Gap?  The Role of Perceptions in Shaping the Supply of Female Candidates” (reviewers Melody Crowder-Meyer & Kira Sanbonmatsu)





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Thank you, sponsors!

We are so pleased to announce the following sponsors for our October conference!

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ISPP Small Grant Award

We are pleased that the International Society for Political Psychology has awarded "Mentoring Conferences for New Research on Gender in Political Psychology" one of their Small Grants to further the goals of ISPP.

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participantsMeet the Organizers

Monica Schneider and Angie Bos

Monica is an Asst. Professor at Miami University (Ohio) and Angie is an Asst. Professor at the College of Wooster. They have been friends and collaborators since they first met at the University of Minnesota where they both completed the interdisciplinary Ph.D. minor in political psychology and focused their dissertation research on gender and political psychology.

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